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How To Get Rid Of Squatters: A Quick Guide

a squatter in a residential building

Squatting refers to the act of illegally occupying a building or residential area which a person doesn’t own. Entering and living on a property without permission also constitutes squatting.

It can get extremely hard to get rid of squatters and cost you time, money, and energy. Without proper legal action, all your attempts to remove squatters from your residential building might go to waste.

Previously squatting was a civil matter, but changes in the law have made this issue a criminal offence.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about some quick and legal ways to get rid of squatters.

Use An Interim Possession Order (IPO)

If it’s been 28 days or less since you found out that your property has been squatted, the law allows you to apply for an interim possession order.

However, there are certain conditions where you can’t use an IPO. Consult an experienced advocate to learn how and when you can use an IPO. Squatters can go to prison if they don’t leave the property within 24 hours of being served with an interim possession order and if they don’t stay away from the property for 12 months.

Contact The Police

Prior to 1st September 2012, squatting in a residential building was a civil issue rather than a criminal one. This means that after 1st September 2012, if there are squatters on your property, you can call the police and have them deal with the squatters.

a police man

Don’t Use Force To Remove Squatters

Using force or threatening to use force to remove squatters from one’s property is the biggest mistake a landlord can make. You’ll be committing a crime if you use any kind of force to get rid of squatters.

Claim For Possession

Landlords can also file a claim for possession to deal with squatters. They can make this claim if it’s been more than 28 days since they’ve found about squatters on their property.

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