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What Your Landlord Can Deduct from Your Deposit

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A security deposit, sometimes known as a “damage deposit,” is a sum of money that a landlord can keep if a rental property requires cleaning or repairs to be restored to the state it was in when the tenant originally moved in. Security deposits are held for the landlord’s advantage and protection in the event that something on the premises is damaged at the conclusion of a lease.

Keep reading this blog to find out what your landlord can not deduct from your deposit.

Rent That Has Not Been Paid

To be a good tenant and maintain a favorable relationship with your landlord, you must pay your rent on time. If you owe rent when your tenancy ends, your landlord has the right to take it from your security deposit.

If this isn’t enough, they may take you to court to get the remainder of your money back.

Cleaning Expenses

As a renter, you have a lot of obligations, and keeping the property clean is one of them. Landlords have the right to deduct an amount from your deposit if you leave the place dirty or in a worse condition than it was before.

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Property Depreciation

Aside from situations of reasonable wear and tear, expect to be charged the amount necessary to cover the damage caused to the property during your stay.

However, if you believe the deductions are excessive, don’t consent to them. Your landlord should be able to back up their claims with documentation. They should think about how much damage there is, as well as the property’s age and condition before it was damaged.

If you believe the price your landlord or agent is requesting is excessive, you can acquire your own prices to verify the cost.

Missing Items

Furniture that is lost or broken might have a negative impact on your deposit. Even if they’re broken or not in use, don’t remove anything from the property without your landlord’s written consent.

Your landlord has the right to deduct money from your deposit to cover the cost of missing furniture or other things.

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