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Action Stage One

A: Service of Notice(s) to tenant – £110 plus vat
Within 48 hours of instructing Landlord Assist one of our staff will draft, prepare and serve a notice on your tenant. Immediately they will realise that the landlord is taking the arrears situation seriously and in most cases this may be all that is required in order to remedy the situation.
Due to recent legislation brought about as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus Act), the tenant has 4 weeks to settle the arrears (if the arrears are greater than 6 months) or 6 months (if the arrears are less than 6 months) before enforcement by way of the County Court is permitted. The serving of a notice seeking possession is often the catalyst which brings the tenancy back on track and/or achieves the desired outcome.  If the tenant fails to act as required then enforcement (Action Stage Two) is recommended. Please call to discuss whether a notice seeking possession is the right way to move forward at this time.  We will review the tenancy paperwork to ensure that all the requirements for securing a favourable Judgment have been met (of which there are many) so that you can be confident of the outcome should enforcement by way of the County Court prove necessary.

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