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Tenant Evictions

Landlord Assist has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our goal is to ensure those tenants who breach their obligations and refuse to cooperate are removed from the property with minimal fuss and financial loss to the landlord. Acting promptly can help to reduce your financial losses and the anguish of a non-performing tenancy.

The service that we offer is a three stage service with a fee attached to each stage. In many cases, only the first stage is necessary thereby keeping the cost to the landlord to a minimum. There are numerous examples whereby the service of a notice has resulted in a voluntary surrender or prompted the tenant to enter into constructive dialogue and get the tenancy back on track.

We never ask for monies on account, do not charge hourly rates like many solicitors and only request payment for each stage as the need for that stage arises. If you’re looking for professional tenant eviction services in the UK, reach out to us today. We’ll help you serve a notice to your tenant and see the possession procedure through to conclusion if necessary.

NEW!! Action Letter: Action Letter to tenants £39 plus vat

Action Stage One: Service of Notice(s) to tenant £110 plus vat

Action Stage Two: Preparation of Court Papers, Attend to Administrative needs of Review Hearing and Representation at Court £890 plus vat, in addition to the £355 court fee

Action Stage Three: Instruct the County Court Bailiff to remove the tenant £160 plus vat, in addition to the £130 court fee

Landlord Assist are able to operate a fixed fee system on the basis that almost 90% of the cases that we deal with are not defended by the tenants. *Where a defence and/or counterclaim is submitted by your tenant we will agree fees to act on your behalf through our appointed solicitor.

We conduct tenant evictions throughout England and Wales and have a team of legally qualified advocates who appear in court to secure the possession of property back from tenants.

Because of the number of advocates we have we are able to guarantee attendance at any Court on any date provided we are given 5 days notice of the hearing date.


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