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What are the Three Stages to Legally Evicting a Tenant?

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Tenants can be both good and bad. However, there are times when it’s almost impossible to maintain a secure long-term relationship with them. This is where the need for evicting a tenant comes in. It’s usually a huge decision for most landlords who try to rely on their rental properties for a steady passive income. However, evicting problematic tenants ultimately allows them to make repairs and find better tenants with opportunities for a higher rental income over the year.

When evicting a tenant, it’s crucial to know the legal procedures involved. It’s one of the key reasons why it’s so important to hire the right residential eviction specialists who can assist you at every step.

There are essentially three stages to legally evicting a tenant. With the right tenant eviction services, you can take every step easily and promptly. Here are all the three steps explained to further help you out.

Stage One: Serving an Eviction Notice to the Tenant

Once you know you’re ready to evict your tenant for any reason, the first thing you should do is serve them a notice. This is the formal and legal way of communicating the need for eviction to your tenant along with all the reasons you’re making this request. There are several different kinds of notices for evicting a tenant based on UK housing laws.

For instance, sending a Section 8 notice makes more sense when a tenant has breached their tenancy contract multiple times. Similarly, you can choose to send a Section 21 notice when you don’t need to provide a logical reason for wanting to repossess your property.

Stage Two: Preparing Court Papers for Legal Representation

Once you’ve served your tenant with an eviction notice, the next step is to prepare for property possession hearings. This is the step where you’ll be required to present your case in front of a county judge and discuss why you deem it necessary to evict your tenant.

The goal of possession hearings is to obtain the direct order of a journey to regain possession of your property. You can get started by working with our rent arrears solicitors to prepare all the necessary court papers associated with evicting a tenant. Our team will be right by your side during this process.

Stage Three: Removing the Tenant

Lastly, you’ll eventually receive the County Court’s instruction to repossess your property. This will happen when your tenants are ordered to remove your property within the specified period in your notice letter. As a result, you’ll easily be able to regain your property’s possession by the last stage of the legal process of evicting a tenant.

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