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How to Identify and Prevent Illegal Activity On Your Properties

There are several ways a tenant can exploit and abuse your rental property, ultimately getting you in legal and financial trouble as their landlord. One such circumstance is when tenants conduct illegal activity on your property.

Despite going for periodic property inspections, you may be unable to tell what goes on inside your property. This can make it challenging to easily identify illegal activity on your property, including the use and sale of drugs, domestic violence and abuse, the subletting of the property, and fraud.

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However, there are several ways you can’t only easily identify such activities but also work with your residential eviction specialists to prevent them from happening again. Use this guide to get started.

Conduct Frequent Inspections

If you suspect something illegal and offensive is happening on your property, the best way to find out more about it is by visiting your rental property more often. As a landlord, you can make inspection visits at your discretion.

Make sure you look out for strange smells, property damage, and obnoxious behaviour by tenants when trying to detect any illegal activity on your property during a routine inspection. Try to be as cautious as possible and take pictures of anything that seems strange inside the property during your visit. This will help you report the illegal activity accordingly.

Be In Touch With Law Enforcement Personnel

There might be an instance of criminal activities in your area increasing soon after you’ve leased your property to new tenants. This can be a dangerous situation to be in without the support of law enforcement personnel.

Keep their contact number on speed dial if you find your tenants being engaged in criminal behaviour or illegal activity or near your property.

Hire a Property Manager to Keep a Check

If you’ve rented a property in another city or county, and are unable to keep an eye out for illegal activity on your property, you can always appoint a property manager to do the job for you. Ensure they’re experienced and skilled enough to manage tenants and properties to keep them safe at all times.

Evict Tenants With Clear Proof of Illegal Activity

Lastly, if you have clear proof of illegal activity like drug use on your property, it should be sufficient enough for you to evict your tenants immediately. You can instantly send them a Section 21 notice or a section 8 notice requiring the repossession of your property within the given notice period.

Ensure you check the property for damages to deduct the repair costs from their security deposit, or hire our residential eviction experts for further assistance.

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