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Tips for What to Do if a Tenant Damages Property

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A rental property undoubtedly offers several income benefits for landlords. However, these properties come with an equal amount of risks to be mindful of, including property damage by tenants. This is especially a cause for concern among landlords who fail to communicate the responsibilities of tenants to the people they’re renting out their properties to.

As a result, they eventually have to deal with property damages by tenants, including a faulty plumbing system, broken pipes and fixtures, chipped wall paint, destroyed flooring, and more. This increases the need for landlords to take the right action to hold tenants accountable.

With our tenant eviction company at your service, you can always learn the best course of action under such circumstances. Here are some tips to help you deal with property damage by tenants.

Collect Proper Evidence

The most important step to take when you first notice signs of property damage by tenants is collecting evidence. In other words, you’ll need to prove all the instances where a tenant hasn’t been careful with your property’s upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, ensure you take substantial photos, videos, and document all the damages in an organised manner.

This will help you present all the evidence of property damage to your tenants when inquiring about how and when it happened and what they can do to compensate you for it.

Calculate Repair and Replacement Estimates

Another crucial thing to do is determine how much you should charge your tenants when penalising them for property damage. This requires you to shop for repairs and replacement estimates in the market to calculate the amount your tenant is liable to pay in damages.

For instance, if there’s flooring damage in various spaces of the house, you might need to hire professional flooring experts to make the necessary repairs and replacements. Make sure you work out all the costs for the renovation process and ask your tenants to pay for them.

Deduct Repair Charges from Security Deposit

There might be times when your tenants may not be able to afford the repair costs you’re holding them liable for. In such circumstances, you can always deduct the repair costs from their initial security deposit.

This means you’ll only be required to pay back the security deposit amount by the end of their lease once you’ve subtracted the repair costs from it.

Send an Eviction Letter

Lastly, if you have aggressive tenants who aren’t willing to compensate you or be accountable for the property damages caused by them, it might be time to serve them with an eviction letter. Your residential eviction experts can help you send a Section 8 notice to them during such complications.

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