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3 Signs It’s Time to Serve an Eviction Notice

an eviction notice

When you rent out your property to tenants, there might be times you’ll find yourself in a troublesome situation with them. As crucial as it is for landlords to take good care of their tenants, it’s just as critical for tenants to know and understand their responsibilities when living on an individual’s property.

However, failing to do so often gives landlords the right to seek tenancy eviction services and take the necessary steps to end a lease contract and serve eviction notices. With the assistance of an eviction company, it can be easier to know when it’s the right time to serve an eviction notice to tenants.

Here are some signs you should immediately begin the process.

Frequently Delayed Rent Payments

Many landlords tend to be flexible with rent payment deadlines and try accommodating tenants to simplify the process of making monthly rent payments. However, this privilege can often be abused by tenants, resulting in the failure to pay rent on time every month.

This can often affect your rental business as a landlord, especially if you’re relying on your passive rental income for the success of other ventures. If you’re noticing a pattern of frequently delayed payments despite constant reminders and warnings, it’s time to serve eviction notices.

Severe Property Damage

Even if your tenants have possession of your property, you’re still the legal owner of your house or flat. This means a tenant is liable to take care of your property and prevent any damage being caused to it during their tenancy.

However, if your find severe property damages like broken walls, destructed flooring, chipped paint, and faulty masonry during your property inspections, you might have to charge your tenants for the repairs and replacements.

 If they fail to make the necessary payments to make up for the damage caused, you’re entitled to serve an eviction notice.

A Breach of Agreement

A tenancy contract is drafted and signed after the tenant and the landlord both agree on the terms and conditions laid out. If you find the tenant breaching the agreement at any stage of their residence on your property, it’ll be better to communicate the issue with them.

Agreement breaches can be complicated to prove. Therefore, work with your rent arrear solicitors to collect evidence before you decide to send a Section 8 notice.

signing a letter

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