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Possession Hearing: What It Is And Why Is It Important?

A judge signing documents at the possession hearing

Evicting a tenant can often be a lengthy process, and it isn’t always as simple as serving them a notice. Here’s all you need to know about what happens after the deadline given in the eviction notice has passed:

What Is A Possession Hearing?

After you’ve issued section 21 or section 8 notices, your tenant typically gets 2 months to vacate the premises. However, they may not be willing to move out, which could force you to take them to court.

Such a hearing is called a possession hearing. A judge looks at your case and then decides whether the tenant will be removed. You can get a representative to speak for you or address the judge yourself. You will be speaking before the tenant.

How Long Does It Take?

The actual hearing only takes around 15 minutes. However, the entire tenant eviction process varies from case to case. It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get the hearing date, and the judge may decide to reserve the hearing for another date.

How To Ensure Success?

Your case must be presented convincingly to evict your tenant. The reason for the eviction must be clear, and you must have the relevant evidence to back up your argument.

For example, tenants’ not clearing their rent arrears has been a major issue in the UK recently. If you can present evidence of you asking for rent and the tenant not complying, then the judge could declare the case in your favour.  

Additionally, you must bring all the relevant documents to the court, including any email you may have received. The entire documentation process must be error-free so that the tenant does not avoid eviction on a technicality.

Tenant handing over keys to the landlord

Get Help From A Tenant Eviction Service In The UK

At Landlord Assist, we employ several residential eviction specialists who can use their years of experience to ensure a hassle-free eviction. Our specialists handle every part of the process, from issuing Section 21 notice to filing all the paperwork for the possession hearing with utmost professionalism.

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