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3 Ways You Can Trace Your Former Tenants

As a landlord, you may find yourself in the position of having to sue a renter who has left town without leaving a forwarding address. Thus, leaving a notice in their new mailbox is not an option.

If you can’t locate the tenant, you might not be able to collect the money they owe you. This blog will guide you on how to trace a faulty tenant to recover your amount.

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Method 1: Hire A Private Detective

You can consider employing a debt recovery firm or a private investigator. Even though both of these might be heavy on your bank accounts, it’ll be worth it, depending on the amount your tenant owes you. 

A private detective and a debt collection firm will have more tools and resources to assist you in locating your former tenant. You simply need to provide them with all of the information you have and let them do the job for you.

Method 2: Forwarded Mail

You can also send a letter to your previous tenant’s last known address to track them. Lable the letter “Address Service Requested” on the envelope.

The letter will be forwarded to the tenant if they have forwarded their mail, and you’ll be notified of the new address.

When you receive the new address, you can send them a certified letter along with a copy of any legal papers, such as demand for payment or judgement for money owed. However, this technique is only applicable if the tenant you’re looking for has forwarded their mail.

a landlord filing a complaint against their tenant

Method 3: Hire Landlord Assist for the Best Tenant Eviction Services in Kent

If you’re a landlord looking to track down your tenant, get in touch with us for free, impartial advice. Our residential eviction experts are well-aware of numerous ways to track down your tenants and get you your money back without any hassle.  

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