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Schedule 29 to the Coronavirus Act 2020 wrt section 8 and section 21 notices

Landlord Assist:

Notice to all Landlords renting in the private sector. On 29th August 2020, schedule 29 to the Coronavirus Act 2020 was amended to reflect the Government’s desire to allow those in privately rented accommodation in England to be afforded a minimum of 6 months before enforcement of a section 21 notice. This was an increase from the initial 3 month time frame which came into effect on 25th March 2020 by way of the introduction of the Coronavirus Act. In parallel, the procedural time frame for enforcement on the grounds for rent arrears, by way of a section 8 notice, was also adjusted. The time frame for enforcement was extended from 3 months to 6 months in circumstances where the arrears totalled less than six months of the current monthly rental value but which was reduced to 28 days if the arrears were at least six months of the current monthly rental value. Failure to adhere to these time frames from the date of deemed service to the date of enforcement as stated in the relevant section would render a section 8 notice and/or a section 21 notice unenforceable by way of County Court proceedings.  Call 01843 223 223 or email for more details.

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