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Tenant Referencing Service

A Judging panel commented on our referencing service as follows…..

"Recognised by the Industry as being one of the best systems in its field, Landlord Assist provide cost effective and reliable tenant referencing. Working on the premise of easier, cheaper, better this system adheres to this notion in every way as a pioneering system”

In addition our online platform was shortlisted for an award at the 2011/2012 Landlord and Letting Awards.

We offer four types of tenant referencing to agents who undertake a minimum of 10 tenant references per month. We also offer competitively referencing to private landlords via our online platform.

Bronze: £9 plus VAT

Our Bronze service includes some of the following checks:

Residential status be it homeowner or private tenant

Electoral Roll check

Court and Insolvency Information

Linked Addresses

Alias details

Notice of correction or discharge

County Court Judgments

Credit Score Calculation.


Silver: £15 plus VAT

In addition to the undertaking of Bronze we include:

Written landlord reference

Written employer reference

We don’t like to rely on verbal references and nor should you!


Gold: £20 plus VAT

In addition to the undertakings of Bronze and Silver we include

Preparation and service of a section 8 notice if required

Preparation and filing of a possession claim to the County Court if required

Court Fee

Attendance at the initial court hearing by a suitably qualified advocate.

So with our Gold reference if the tenancy deteriorates and the tenant needs evicting then we will undertake this process without any further charge to your landlord!


Platinum: £35 plus VAT

In addition to the undertakings of Bronze and Gold we include

6 months guaranteed rent warranty so your landlord has comfort that even if the tenant loses their job or falls foul of any other unforeseen issue, the rent will get paid. Only our platinum referencing includes eviction and rent guarantee

Incredible protection at an amazing price!


If you wish to trial our referencing service then we would be delighted to hear from you on 01843 223 223 or


We look forward to working with you.