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Tenant Referencing Service

A Judging panel commented on our referencing service as follows…..

"Recognised by the Industry as being one of the best systems in its field, Landlord Assist provide cost effective and reliable tenant referencing. Working on the premise of easier, cheaper, better this system adheres to this notion in every way as a pioneering system”

In addition our online platform was shortlisted for an award at the 2011/2012 Landlord and Letting Awards.

We offer four types of tenant referencing to agents who undertake a minimum of 10 tenant references per month. We also offer competitively referencing to private landlords via our online platform.

Bronze: £9 plus VAT

Our Bronze service includes some of the following checks:

Residential status be it homeowner or private tenant

Electoral Roll check

Court and Insolvency Information

Linked Addresses

Alias details

Notice of correction or discharge

County Court Judgments

Credit Score Calculation.


Silver: £20 plus VAT

In addition to the undertaking of Bronze we include:

Written landlord reference

Written employer reference

We don’t like to rely on verbal references and nor should you!


Gold: £40 plus VAT

In addition to the undertakings of Bronze and Silver we include

Preparation and service of a section 8 notice if required

Preparation and filing of a possession claim to the County Court if required

Court Fee

Attendance at the initial court hearing by a suitably qualified advocate.

So with our Gold reference if the tenancy deteriorates and the tenant needs evicting then we will undertake this process without any further charge to your landlord!


Tenant referencing is an integral part of the letting process and it is essential that a landlord or their agent have sufficient information on the prospective tenant in order to make an informed decision on whether to grant that person a tenancy.

Our Bronze referencing looks at the applicants credit position. It searches registers to see if they have any county court judgements (CCJs), debt arrangements or bankruptcy. It also verifies the addresses they have given and looks at alias names and addresses that may have been used. Once this information is assessed it produces a credit score.

As well as standard credit profiling which forms the basis of our Bronze referencing we also, as part of our Silver referencing include a written reference from the persons employer to confirm not only their salary but also to establish whether their employment is permanent, contract, zero hours or likely to change in the near future. Additionally we approach their existing landlord to see how their current tenancy has been conducted. Paying the rent is just part of the tenancy obligations and so we ask whether the tenancy was conducted satisfactorily and whether they would rent to the tenant again. By requiring landlord references in writing we remove the temptation for  landlord to give a good verbal reference to  a bad tenant just to get rid of them.

The reports we produce make calculations in terms of affordability in relation to their salary and the proposed rent and will make recommendations in terms of whether the tenant should be accepted and whether a guarantor should be provided.

We reference Guarantors in a similar way and for those that are deemed suitable to be a Guarantor on the basis that they are a homeowner then those details are verified against the Land Registry database.

For those landlords and agents who want additional protection our Gold referencing includes a full reference and also includes eviction cover in that Landlord Assist will undertake the preparation and service of notices n the event that the tenancy deteriorates and will take the matter through the County Courts if required without any further cost to the landlord. 

You may be aware that legislation is changing and landlords and agents are to be required to undertake some checks to assess the entitlement of people to reside in the UK. Our online system has already been updated in this regard and so asks a variety of questions to try to ensure that your prospective tenant is permitted to live in the UK.

We never forget that our role is to help and support the landlord and the letting agent. Tenant referencing is just one way we can assist you in reducing the risk, promote good practice and ensure that any tenancy granted runs as smoothly as is possible.

We hope you will be encouraged to trial our tenant referencing service - we feel confident you will be delighted with what we do.

If you wish to trial our referencing service then we would be delighted to hear from you on 01843 223 223 or

We look forward to working with you.