Details of Freehold Block Management Service

Landlord PackThe staff to which we entrust Block management services to provide a first class, quality flat management service for residential blocks of flats throughout the Country.

IRPMThe firms that we partner with for Block Management are members of the IRPM (Institute of Residential Property Management) and ARMA (Association of Residential       Managing Agents).

ARMA They are qualified in all aspects of the day to day running of flat and block management which includes all accounting matters and the general maintenance/repairs of the residential blocks of flats managed.

The property management services are based on being proactive rather than reactive.

Our Residential Property Management team truly believe the services we offer will only enhance the area you live in making it safe and clean for you and visitors to enjoy.

Free quotations and consultations are available to both new clients and those considering a change from their present residents block management company.

We aim to provide cost effective property management services in our areas of operation and to forge long term working relationships with both the Freeholder and the Resident Management Company of the blocks and flats that we manage. We recognize that managing blocks of flats is time consuming but by using us every aspect of your block management is covered leaving you to simply enjoy your investment.

We provide the service that we do by:

Providing a prompt and efficient response to any enquiry whether by email or telephone.

Sourcing contractors that have the right attributes both in terms of competitive pricing and quality of work for all general repairs, daily cleaning of communal areas or major works.

By providing clear and detailed documentation which is tailor made to meet your requirements to ensure the smooth running of your block. 

The managing agent services for blocks and flats offered below comply with current guidelines and legislation.

Direct Line to your Property Manager: 
No call centres, flat and house owners will be able to speak directly to their Property Manager.

Proactive Day-to-Day Management: 
Our service is undertaken to the highest of standards.

Regular communication advising you on the status of current/ongoing matters on your block/estate. Working closely with the Directors/Clients as requested and instructed.

Director/Client Reporting: 
Regular Director/Client statement of income and expenditure; statement of arrears, monitoring, management & reporting of arrears with strict enforcement of clients agreed policy. "Actual vs. budget” reporting. 

Service Charge Accounts: Updating each individual tenant ledger, cashiering and Director/Client banking; receiving monthly bank statements; updating the service charge cashbook on a monthly basis; paying all invoices by cheque on a monthly basis. 

Annual Budget & Reserve Cash Flow: 
Prepare draft budget, revise, agree and finalise. 

Creation and dispatch of service charge, rent and reserve fund demands in accordance with the agreed budgets and provisions of Leases. 

Director/Client Meetings: We would arrange at least  four Director or two Client meetings per annum, or as many as you would require annually, in the evening, to take into account all parties availability. This will ensure a face to face discussion of any current or previous matters and to obtain Directors/Clients approval on any required documentation. Minutes of these Meetings will be compiled and distributed, by email, to all attendees.

Site Visits: 
Planned and random site visits carried out (regularity to be agreed by the Director/Client in advance). Rectification of faults/maintenance discovered.

General Directors/Clients Advice: 
Advising Directors/Clients on any matters relating to any legal advice required such as Statutory Notices, County Court & LVT applications etc.
Planned Property Maintenance/Ten or Five Year Major Works Plan: 
Planned maintenance programme creation by building surveyors. To include the preparation of a five/ ten year major works plan for all proposed works on a rolling programme. If the assistance of a Building Surveyor is required (for specified reasons) then Building Surveyors fees will be chargeable, where applicable

Correspondence, Emails & Phone Calls: 
These will be replied to in a timely manner.

Standard/Emergency Repairs: 
Carried out in a timely manner.

Regular Evening Meetings: 
Attending any Board Meetings, AGM/EGM or Residents Meetings 

Service Charge Estimate/Budget:
Sent out in a timely manner.

Service Charge & Ground Rent Demands: 
Sent out a month before the due date.

Audited Service Charge Accounts: 
Copies of audited accounts sent to all Lessees 

Accounts Queries: 
All accounts queries replied to in a timely manner.

Health & Safety: 
Risk assessments, water hygiene regime, asbestos register; portable appliance testing; emergency lighting tests. NICEIC electrical test certificates. Fire Safety Regulations.

General Maintenance / Utilities: 
Administering service and utilities contracts 

Planned Property Maintenance/Ten or Five Year Major Works Plan: 
Updating, revising and implementing PPM programme. 

Major Works: 
Compliance with statutory notifications. 

Arranging insurance (where applicable). Putting in place adequate building, engineering, terrorism or any other insurance as per client’s instructions.

Insurance Claims: 
Dealing with claims.

Administration/Customer Services: 
Keeping general documents and records relating to all management activity.

Storage of Files/Records: 
Storage of all current files and records on the property. 

Property Manual: 
The Property Manual is our Director/Client reporting/accounting systems which we tailor to meet our client’s needs and requirements.

Client Approval: 
Obtaining prior Director/Client approval for documentation where approval is required.

Client Lease Obligations: 
Advising Director/Client of their lease obligations. 

Lessee Lease Obligations: 
Advising lessee of their lease obligations. 

Expenditure Control: 
Dealing with third party disputes.

Annual Budget & Reserve Cash Flow: 
Further arrears referral time, liaising with Directors/Clients solicitors, taking instruction from Directors/Clients. (Solicitors costs are also additional).

Preparation of LVT / Court appearance.

Audited Accounts: 
Completing Service Charge Accounts, liaising with Auditors, reporting to client, dispatch to Lessees and reconciliation of surplus/deficit. Completion of final accounts within six months of the year-end accounting period 

Ground Rent/Client Accounting: 
Collection of Ground rent.

Statutory Accounts: 
Completing statutory accounts where required. Accounts fees to prepare draft accounts to be advised, plus addition of Auditors Fee's to be advised.

Trust Tax Returns: 
Trust Returns.

Special Levies: 
Where special levies are required to collect funds for the service charge is collected on behalf of Directors/Clients, for maintaining separate Directors/Clients facilities including a separate bank account.

Additional Site Visits: 
Additional & Emergency Visits - 24 Hour Emergency Service.

General Maintenance / Utilities: 
Inspection by Property Manager of any works carried out. Where a Specification for minor works may be required then a Building Surveyor will be instructed.

General Legal Advice Director/Client: 
Advising Director/Client on any matters relating to any legal advice required such as Statutory Notices, County Court & LVT applications etc.

Major Works: 
Independent external Building Surveyors appointed. To prepare specification of works, obtain tenders, compile tender report and supervise the works. Surveyor’s fees to be advised on the individual project

Insurance Valuations: 
We would normally recommend a valuation every three years. Building Reinstatement Assessment (BRA) recommends a Buildings Reinstatement Valuation to be carried out every three years to meet with ABI recommendations.

Legal Administration: 
Replies to Solicitors pre-contract enquiries, Licenses to Assign, Deeds of Covenant, License to Sublet/Underlet, providing relevant copies of Insurance Schedule and full copy Policy. Receipting Notices of Assignment/Charge, Certificate of Consent for Re-Mortgage, Certificate of Compliance/Consent for Land Registry and enquiries regarding audited accounts and retentions.  

Ground Rent: 
Where ground rent is collected on behalf of a client, for maintaining separate client facilities including a separate bank account. 10% fee plus VAT of the ground rent due. 

Removal of satellite dishes; dealing with the issue of pets; or any matters relating to Lessees own relevant covenants within their own lease, (e.g. windows etc.) Issuing keys, garages, forecourts & parking, where there is a parking control to enforce; dealing with all issues; electronic gates (where applicable issuing keys); issuing receipts for payment; boundary works; disputes etc.

We very carefully discuss our Director’s/Client’s individual needs and requirements with a view to providing a tailor made service. This would be discussed with you in detail to enable the correct level of service and understanding to be achieved.

Contact us on 01303 242231 or for an initial discussion about your block management requirements.