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Former Tenant Tracing

Landlord Assist believe they were the first eviction specialist to offer a tracing service for former tenants. This has proved hugely successful. We can locate tenants and offer a unique service of ‘no trace – no fee'
Whether it is an individual, sole trader or company our tracing agents have very up to date information to compliment our field agents. In tracing a number of sources can be used including Land Registry, BT database, Electoral Roll, Credit Databases, DVLA database, HPI Database and Birth, Death and Marriage records.
If you have a defaulting tenant, you have nothing to lose – If Landlord Assist cannot find them we refund you the trace fee.
Complete the "Pay Now" button below and make payment and we will contact you by return email to take details of the person to be traced.

Cost £75 plus VAT – no trace – no fee!

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Former Tenant Tracing

List Price: £75.00
Price: £75.00

Have any of your tenants left without a forwarding address owing money in the last 12 months